NITAG recommendations

13 September 2023

The 2023 vaccination schedule is discussed and the proposal to introduce the hexavalent, varicella and hepatitis A vaccines in children under 5 years of age is approved. The implementation of the Bivalent vaccine against COVID-19 as a booster in populations from 18 years of age is approved. The manual on NITAG functions has been reviewed and will be sent for official approval. The next meeting will be scheduled to verify the technical guidelines for the changes in the 2023 vaccination schedule. Despite the introduction of the Hexavalent vaccine as the first booster at the age of 15 months where the polio vaccine is included, the NITAG recommends continuing the second booster at the age of 4 years with OPVb. Do not administer MMR vaccine simultaneously with varicella vaccine because of the possible increase of ESAVIS. For 2024, the NITAG recommends starting vaccination with hexavalent vaccine at the age of 2 months and to introduce a third MMR dose in adolescents due to outbreaks of mumps in this age group. Replacing the Td vaccine at 10 years of age with Tdpa and in the elderly.

El Salvador