NITAG recommendations

13 September 2023

Recommendations: Include vaccination against COVID-19 with bivalent vaccine in the pediatric population (from 6 months of age); Reaffirmation of the NITAG recommendation of January 2023, based on the current availability of bivalent vaccine the NITAG considers it important to prioritize it in the following populations: pregnant women, people over 65 years of age and health personnel (first line); Recommendation to immunize the population that currently does not have any dose of vaccine against COVID-19 (dose 0), with the monovalent vaccines available in the country; Recommendation to have more scientific evidence to support the decision to include the bivalent vaccine against COVID-19 in the immunization schedule and/or the periodicity and target populations of the same in the country; The NITAG recommends the strengthening of catch-up vaccination strategies to prevent vaccine preventable diseases in the face of the arrival of the El Niño phenomenon.